Zola Rollins is a writer, friend, curator and interdisciplinary sculpture artist living and working in chicago. Their studio practice springs from with an affinity for objects that were designed to imitate natural features (i.e. speakers disguised as rocks or cell towers as trees) and the manufactured dichotomy between the city and nature. They are invested in a collective investigation of the ways our perception intercepts with our selfhood and how we read objects in the background. They a founder and curator of Switch-Hook projects a curatorial project emenating from Chicago. They recieved their BFA from School of The Art Institute Chicago in 2023. 


The School of the Art Institute Chicago / Bachelor of Fine Arts
May 2023, Chicago, IL

Exhibition History

S-H projects for On your side of things -part 2 ‘The Last Terminal Volume II, Part 2: The Ribbon–Cutting Approach’
2023, Rib, Rotterdamn, NL

S-H projects for On your side of things
2023, Laurenz, Vienna, AUT

Spring Undergraduate Exhibition
2023, SAIC Galleries, Chicago, IL

Pious Work of Salvage
2022, The Annex @ Weatherproof, Chicago, Illinois

Zola Rollins in The Hole @ Weatherproof
2022, Weatherproof, Chicago, Illinois

The Garden, A hole
2021, Chicago, IL.

2019, The Leroy Neiman Center, Chicago, Illinois.

Early College Program Exhibition
2016, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois.


what’s resting, S-H projects
2023, Chicago, IL

10 Desirous Adjustments, S-H projects
2023, Chicago, IL